Will the industry analyst business be dead soon?

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Will the industry analyst business be dead soon?

Industry analyst Phil Fersht, founder and CEO of HfS Research, recently published a blog exploring the future of the industry analyst business and metaphorically dropped a big fat cat amongst the pigeons.

Phil asked a simple and direct question: “Will the industry analyst business be dead in five years?”

It’s a fair enough question in an environment where CIOs and other executives are overwhelmed with data, are shorter on time than ever before, and face more pressure to make the right decision – first time. Some in the analyst community are churning out too much material, without focus, and charging through the nose for ‘insight’ that could easily be discovered through Google.

Even the grandfather of the analyst industry, Gideon Gartner, has responded by publishing his own thoughts in a blog that quotes verbatim from Phil’s original HfS post and adds a few of his own thoughts and ideas. Though it appears Gartner is not fazed by the impending doom Phil predicts, he would hardly be commenting if the debate were not of some importance or urgency.

Which leads us back to IT Decisions.

We have been publishing English-language comment on what CIOs are up to in Brazil for six months now. We have built a great audience inside Brazil, the USA, and beyond. And we have kept the title free of adverts and free of supplier content. That press release detailing a great new cloud-based ERP platform from vendor X won’t get much coverage here. In fact, it gets none. And we know that our readers appreciate this approach.

Now we are launching an invitation-only Portuguese language research service where we ask CIOs directly what they are thinking and publish a new research report – every week. That’s a new piece of analysis in a short bite-sized format, with input directly from the decision-makers – your peers – every single week.

We think that P2P research makes sense. Every CIO we talk to has very little time and they hate being flooded with analyst research that was fresh last year, so why not deliver it fast, frequent, and in a way it can be easily chunked? And giving CIOs the thoughts of other CIOs on a single topic, rather than an interpretation of what the CIO thinks based on how an analyst reads the view of the vendors, has to be a good thing.

Best of all, it’s free. We have some great CIOs already on board from companies including Klabin, Rhodia, and Alstom - and dozens more. We are actively inviting more CIOs in Brazil to be a part of the network ahead of the launch in just over a week, but if you think that you qualify, drop me a mail and say hello. I’m on mark@itdecs.com.

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