Changing Emphasis at IT Decisions

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Changing Emphasis at IT Decisions

You might have noticed some changes on the IT Decisions website recently. That’s because we have shifted our focus and direction a little.

Last year our focus was really on research – we built a fantastic community of some of the most important and interesting technology executives in Brazil and we talked to them regularly to crowdsource their views on different topics. We only ever featured comment from the buy-side in our reports and we never placed adverts in them.

Our news site allowed up a fantastic platform to promote the research work we were doing and we were getting over 10,000 readers a day – not bad for a site focused only on tech in Brazil.

The crowdsourcing approach was ground-breaking in Brazil and it has led to so many opportunities for us to diversify what we do and to help and work with many more companies.

If we had to summarise the various areas we are working in now, we would say:

  1. We are still producing research for clients because we have built a fantastic network of senior executives in Brazil – just we are not really writing research and publishing it freely on the website anymore;
  2. We are producing content for several clients for use in journals, newspapers, internal communications, and blogs – and we are managing and advising on blogs and twitter accounts for several clients. Content in this case mostly being text, but also audio and video. We have been hiring journalists and translators like crazy – Angelica has her hands full managing a big team now;
  3. Brazil is seen as a very hot location right now and we are actively involved in helping several firms from the publishing and hi-tech sectors find their way into Brazil – helping with everything from strategy to opening bank accounts. And this works the other way too as we have worked with Brazilians keen to tap into our network of tech leaders in Europe;
  4. We are speaking at events all over the world – Mark has spoken and chaired several events in the last couple of months – and continuing to be seen as expert contributors at events and in the media – check out our work in Computer Weekly, Reuters, or Huffington Post for starters.

So that’s it. It’s not such a dramatic shift, just that our advisory work is taking priority to some of the research publishing so you won’t see as many new reports on the site. We will make sure that any of our op-ed journalism from all over the world does get published so you will still see some of my opinion pieces here – just in case you were missing those acidic comments.

Thank you for your support – we are growing this company really fast and enjoying the ride. If you are interested in finding out more about what we do and how we might work with you then click on the contact page – thank you!

Photo by Moyan Brenn licensed under Creative Commons

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