Fed Begins Two-Day Meeting To Decide On Interest Rate Hike

Washington – Fed Begins Two-Day Meeting To Decide On Interest Rate Hike; began to senior officials Federal Reserve (Fed) on Wednesday’s monetary policy committee meeting, which takes two days and that expectations tend to completion without raising interest rates.



It examines policy makers to raise interest rates to maintain the strength of the US economy and prevent it from overheating, a decision that may have a negative impact on global financial markets at the end.

official said via email that the meeting began at 17:00 GMT. After the end of Wednesday’s meeting, officials will meet again Thursday morning and announce their decision at 18:00 GMT.

International banks and investment funds, and believes that the possibility of raising interest rates of 50 percent, although most analysts believe that the likelihood of retaining the interest as it is without change slightly higher.

In a survey of 80 economists polled 45 percent of them said that the central will keep the basic interest rate between zero and 0.25 percent rate, compared with 35 percent expecting lifted.

He predicted that 12 banks the Fed to keep interest rates unchanged as expected ten banks filed.

According to bookmakers in the financial markets that only one out of every five investors is expected to raise interest rates.

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