US Stocks Close Lower Amid Concerns About Global Growth

NEW YORK – US Stocks Close Lower Amid Concerns About Global Growth; US stocks closed lower on Friday, a day after the Federal Reserve’s decision (the US central bank) to keep interest rates unchanged near zero while raising fears of the potential impact of the weak global economic growth on US corporate profits.

US Stocks

US Stocks

And went down the index Dow Jones Industrial Average 289.95 points, or 1.74 percent to 16384.79 points.

The index S & P 500 by 32.12 points, equivalent to 1.61 percent to 1958.08 points.

The Nasdaq Composite Index was down 66.72 points or 1.36 percent to 4827.23 points.

During the entire week, the Dow Jones lost 0.3 percent as the decline in the S & P 500 rose 0.1 percent, while the Nasdaq Composite rose 0.1 percent.

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