Facebook Launch Temporary Profile Picture Feature

San Francisco – Facebook Launch Temporary Profile Picture Feature; Facebook began launching a new feature to allow users to adjust some temporary personal photo show to friends for a period specified by the user himself.

And began new feature known as Temporary Profile Picture emerge for some users, it said about the new Facebook feature that the site noted that users are changing the image of solidarity with a particular campaign or to celebrate some personal events Birthday.



He added that starting on Sunday, it works on the experience of the new feature to make the process of self-expression for the best at a given moment, and without having to worry about changing the image at a later time.

And when you adjust the temporary personal image the user selects the length of time for the end of the presentation, where they can choose between hours or days. After the expiration of the period dating the old personal image without publishing anything on the user’s account, and the remaining temporary image is located within the photo album to be used again at any time.

Facebook engineers noted that more than 26 million users have in an earlier period of this year to change their image to the personal expression of support for one of the issues, which prompted the company to think seriously of the importance of personal image and the launch of this feature.

It is noteworthy that Facebook users spotted a while ago «Floating Video» feature on iOS system, which allows the possibility of making videos floating on the screen with the ability to move during the viewing, as well as browse the site at the same time.

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