Google Cooperates With Twitter To View News in Real Time

San Francisco – Google Cooperates With Twitter To View News in Real Time; Google and Twitter two companies began working together to help publishers offer their articles of new and immediate way for users of smart phones.

It is expected that this feature is provided in the coming months from a small number of publishers, where from which to view the articles in real time to the user in a manner similar to the program Instant Articles of Facebook, and the application of Apple News.

Google and Twitter

Google and Twitter

The report said that the idea of ​​a feature article is displayed in real time to users of Google and Twitter on smartphones through a pop-up window Popup without the need to move to a second page as is currently the case.

The new feature is different from the rest of the facilities that it will not host the two articles on the servers, where they will be relying on the Spooler service provided by Google Cached Pages to display the article from the publisher’s site as soon as possible by.

The new deployment tools are available in an open source allowing all companies to contribute to the development and adoption with ease.

And maintains the cache of Google ads on pages within the service, and thus return the use of new deployment tools benefit the publisher First, Second and Google as a controlled largely on the advertising market.

The two companies did not seek to launch a new feature, a separate product, as it did Apple and Facebook, where he is currently known to feature phones accelerated pages “accelerated mobile pages” into Google and Twitter.

It is noteworthy that this is not the first collaboration between the two companies, where Google has worked to show Tweets in Twitter search in the desktop version in August / August elapsed by updating algorithms to add this feature only results.

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