Greek Elections Between Austerity And Refugees

Athens – Greek Elections Between Austerity And Refugees; Greece is witnessing a general election on Sunday, is the fifth of its kind in six years is expected to determine the results of the mood of the street about the issues of austerity and the flow of refugees into the country.

Greek Elections

Greek Elections

The call for early elections after the left-wing Syriza party lost the parliamentary majority in the month of August.

It fell popular party leader Alexis Tsipras strongly after it agreed to the bailout with the European Union leaders agreement.
Under the Convention, the implementation of strict austerity measures was Syriza party has vowed to oppose it in the past.

Tsipras agreed on a bailout agreement shortly after the rejection of a referendum in which more than 60 percent of the Greek austerity measures that creditors demand their application.

Tsipras defended his decision, saying that Greece was likely to lose its membership in the euro zone if it refuses Convention.
Opinion polls suggest the intense competition in the elections between the party and the conservative New Democracy, led by Vangelis Meimarakis Syriza party. Tsipras, who is accused of helplessness in dealing with international creditors who were trying to provide the Rescue package for heavily indebted countries.

Competition is heating up as the third place between the Socialist PASOK party and the far-right Golden Dawn, according to observers.

Analysts say that migrant crisis on the eve of Greece may lead to increased support for the party Golden Dawn.
It caused the entry of thousands of refugees and migrants to Greece in return differences between sympathizers with refugees and those wary of opening the door wide open to immigration, is a matter, according to the second team, negative signals to the inside and outside of the country.
The island of Kos, which affect much luck of immigrants, a living example of this dispute, which began of living socially, then evolved into a political dispute, Golden Nazi Dawn party entered the game show “angry population,” which is how adopted in every neighborhood of much foreigners and refugees.

With the arrival of hundreds of refugees daily to the island of Kos, about half an hour away from the Turkish coast, began some local authorities is concerned about the subject of public health where no health facilities for those, also expressed workers in the field of tourism for fear of the impact of the arrival of refugees on the tourist season in island.

But all sides on the island concluded that it is necessary to provide practical assistance to refugees because of the difficult conditions they are experiencing order not to be subjected to more tragedies in their island.

With the intensification of the dispute over my refugees and rescue procedures are not expected any party for 38 per cent of the vote, seen generally as the ratio required to achieve a clear majority in the 300-seat parliament.
This means that it will have no party gets the most votes to form a coalition with perhaps Potami Party (center-left) little or socialist PASOK.

The elections are closely watched outside Greece because the winner will need to oversee the major economic reforms required for the plan to rescue the estimated 86 billion euros (98 billion dollars)

The new government will have to arrange for the recapitalization of banks in Greece and end the control of the capital imposed in June to prevent the collapse of the financial system.

Today’s vote was the fifth general election in six years, and the third this year after the general elections in January which Tsipras came to power, and a referendum in July on the approval of a new plan for saving and austerity of the European Union.

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