Russia Plans to Conduct Military Exercises Near Syrian Coast

Moscow – Russia Plans to Conduct Military Exercises Near Syrian Coast, Greek officials said that Moscow sent a note requesting from the Cypriot authorities to convert the normal flight path, because it intends to hold military exercises off the Syrian coast next week.Military Exercises

The Moscow press reports have indicated that Russia issued a “memo to pilots” directed at the US Air Navigation Authority about the exercises that will be between the port of Tartus (north-east) and the island of Cyprus, which lies about a hundred kilometers.

A source at the Ministry of Defence of Cyprus to Russia issued a memo about the exercises, which will include the launch of missiles, he said, adding that these notes “a routine matter.” There is still the possibility of Russia exercises are not specific dates between 14 and September 17 / September current.

According to a copy of the memo, posted on the US aviation authority, the coordinates of the place where the will be “Russian naval maneuvers”, including “the experiences of firing rockets.”
He said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, told a news conference on Friday that his country is conducting naval exercises in the Mediterranean, saying it was planned long ago and conducted in line with international law.

Weapon shipments
A source close to the Russian Navy -lroeters- that a group of five Russian ships equipped with guided missiles sailed to do maneuvers Syrian water to practice repelling an attack from the air and the defense of the coast, which means the artillery fire and the experience of short-range air defense systems, “he said, adding that it was agreed on the exercises with the Damascus government.

Comes the Syrian maneuvers, amid Western and Israeli reports on the strengthening of Moscow and its presence in Syria and send troops and sophisticated weapons, including multi-tasking “MiG-31” interceptor and “Su-30” aircraft, as well as the system “as. Any 0.22” and known in Russia as the “PANTSIR-S1 “.

Western sources said that the Russian forces that will occupy the control system and not the Syrians, although some components developed in the military airport near Latakia.
According to close to the Russian Navy source said that this would not be the first time that Moscow has sent “Ace. Any 0.22” missiles to Syria. The source said he was sending that regime in 2013, “There are now plans to send a new batch.”

Russia asserts that the equipment that you send to Syria is part of the previous decades, which is to enhance the system’s ability to cope with the organization of the Islamic state, and that the Russian military experts are in Syria years ago from the Syrian army for training.

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