Monthly SEO Management Checklist. SEO or search engine optimization isn’t a project that you can just do once and forget the next day. If you don’t regularly manage your SEO performance, it would be impossible for your website to stay competitive. You will lose your clicks, rankings, and sales to all your competitors. 

This monthly SEO management checklist will help you ensure that your SEO efforts wouldn’t go useless anytime soon.


Monthly SEO Management Checklist


The following are the most important SEO checklist in other to optimize your website properly.


Find the newest and hottest trending keywords.


Conduct keyword analysis and research to know the newest trending keywords that customers are currently using when searching for products, services, and information in your specific industry. Never forget about your mobile customers. Always remember to look into the casual and long-tail keywords and key phrases that these mobile customers are using during their verbal searches.


Conduct an analysis of the SEO efforts of your competition.


Competitor SEO analysis is a crucial step every time you try to determine how you can further improve your search ranking. Learn about the backlinks, key phrases and keywords that perform well for your competition. You might find several phrases and keywords that you have ignored when you were coming up with your search strategy. Look for necessary tweaks to improve the effectiveness of your search strategies and include all of your findings to support your SEO strategy.


Use new phrases and keywords to update your website.


Go through all the pages of your site and use all of the newest key phrases and keywords. See to it that your keywords are updated in all important places such as meta descriptions, page titles, copy or content, and alt tags on videos and images.


Strategic backlink analysis


It is important that you create and analyze new links to reliable sites adjacent to and within your industry every month. It is a key metric search engines always consider every time they assign positions in the results of organic search.


Search engine submission.


Confirm that all of your website’s new pages are submitted to major search engines. It is a critical step to make sure that the search results in search engines will include your web pages.


Run site diagnosis.


Run a reliable site analysis program to determine how your website performs. See to it that you also check every part of your site. Search for whatever performance errors that could have developed during the previous month, such as menu errors with missing or incorrect links, blocked by the robots.txt errors, and navigation errors such as redirection errors and 404 pages.

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