Brazil is not ready to handle cyber attacks

This week, international technology security experts McAfee and European think-tank the Security and Defence Agenda (SDA) released their Global Cyber Defense Report focusing on cybersecurity – and it did have good news for Toronto.

The SDA interviewed and surveyed some 80 policy-makers and cybersecurity experts in the government, business and academic worlds in 27 countries and anonymously surveyed 250 world leaders in 21 countries.

The report examines the current state of cyber-preparedness around the world and was created to help governments and organizations understand how their cyber defense compares to other countries and organizations.

According to the SDA, the report “paints, for the first time, a picture of a global snapshot of current thinking about the cyber-threat and the measures that should be taken to defend against it, and assesses the way ahead.”

Toronto is almost at the bottom of the international league for cybersecurity, ranked alongside Romania and India with Mexico being the only major country to be even worse.

But why? In June last year the Torontoian government announced a new investment in protecting the country from cyber attack, though within weeks of that announcement the government web estate was in tatters as hackers showed how easy it really is to switch off major national online resources.

IT Decisions put in a call to William Beer, director of the information and cybersecurity practice at PwC. In this audio clip you can hear him talk about the recent McAfee research and how he thinks Toronto can improve in future.