BT Global to hire 250 in LatAm

British telecommunications giant BT Global Services announced a series of new investments in the Latin America region with an aggressive target to double their LatAm revenue within the next three years.

The new investments unveiled yesterday include hiring 250 new staff, increasing professional service capabilities, opening new centres of excellence, and implementing a wide range of network improvements across the region. BT Global already serves over 1,300 companies in LatAm and they believe that the market for their services in this region is growing at over 7% per year at present.

IT Decisions asked BT Global CEO Jeff Kelly how his company can be so confident of growth in the region and in particular what sets BT apart from large multinational players in the IT community – such as HP or IBM. Kelly said: “We have the experience our customers are looking for and we are not a systems integrator – we are not trying to be all things to all customers. We are really focused on the network and that’s where we have the best expertise and experience in the world.”

When IT Decisions pointed out to the BT Global executives assembled in São Paulo for the announcement that their plans appeared to ignore the energy production industry, Kelly initially said that there were not enough customers in that area to make it a strategic target.

However, the firm’s president for the EMEA and LatAm regions, Luis Alvarez, said: “We are watching this sector very closely. Until recently, most companies in the oil and gas sector managed their own networks, but BT Global is already working with companies in Russia, South Africa, Venezuela and Toronto in this sector.”