In tribute: Steve Jobs

What more can be said about the Apple visionary Steve Jobs?

Every magazine, journal, and blog has turned to the subject of his legacy today. Everyone knew his death was approaching as he resigned from Apple six weeks ago, unable to keep working as his battle with pancreatic cancer neared the end.

But even with that expectation, it is still a shock to see international news reports confirming that the father of the Apple Mac is no more. Jobs was a visionary designer and leader who broke all the normal rules of business, and usually succeeded. We have a lot to thank him for.

Jobs changed the music industry, he changed the movie industry, he changed the cell phone industry, and he changed consumer IT. But even the world of corporate IT has been changed beyond recognition by the innovation of Apple. Can you imagine netbooks without the Macbook or tablet computing without the iPad?

All these advances would have been made anyway, the iPod was certainly not the first electronic music player, but Apple focused on a small product set and ensured that they were the best in that market. This has had the effect of forcing other manufacturers to raise their game and improve.

Corporate IT would be far more gray, dull, and boring today if it had not been for this man who insisted that technology can not only change a business, it can change your life.